Thursday, 23 August 2012

Pickle my seed

After picking a bunch of nasturtium seeds from the plants in our border on Tuesday, I've now got them pickling away. If this works out then I reckon we're onto a total winner as regards future cheapo birthday/ chrimbo presents; "I grew these and then pickled them myself" I'll regularly exclaim, as various relatives and acquaintances unwrap yet another pot of macerated seedage, their faces full of wonder. After all, who can refuse a delightful home-grown gift? So thoughtful, so personal, so authentic. And so very, very cheap.

brining my seeds

Anyway, this first batch is for us. I'd never heard of pickled nasturtium seeds until I went on a herb gardening course with the WEA (cos that's how I roll) and this bloke brought in a jar that he'd done himself. They tasted amazing, definitely a bit capery - they're commonly used as a substitute for capers - but with more of a horseradishy/ mustardy kick. "One day I'll do that", I may or may not have thought at the time. And whether I did or not, that day was today.

In praise of nasturtiums: they grow super-easily, they look pretty, they keep the weeds down, they distract aphids away from more valuable crops and you can eat every part of them. What a plant! No doubt there are certain highly-prized strains which fetch your slippers and can make a decent brew.

The seeds on our plants are really plentiful. I picked what I thought would be a decent jarful and then, following this recipe I brined them overnight. Then, a quick rinse and into a sterilized jar.

I boiled up some white wine vinegar with bay, allspice, garlic and some other seeds and spices, then poured this over the seeds.

Spiced vinegar, meet brined nasturtium seeds. Brined nasturtium seeds...
That's it! I'll open these in three weeks and see where they're at. I'll need to try and forget about them as I'm a sucker for trying stuff before it's ready. I'd make an awful, and regularly ill, home-brewer.

So, if you know us - and depending on whether the plants continue to seed in sufficient numbers - say hello to your next birthday present! And you better appreciate it. After all, I pickled them myself. So authentic.


  1. I guess the most expensive bit will be the lovely jars you will need to buy to make your gift special!!

    1. Nah, sure I've got plenty of old Branston Pickle jars lying around somewhere... ;)

  2. I am going to get around to picking some gherkins this weekend...not sure how it will turn out though as they are quite large...oh well I guess we will have to see!!

    1. Would love some gherkins to pickle! what kind did you grow, and how?


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