Monday, 4 March 2013

Feeling a bit seedy...

As minds turn to what can be sown when, I've just done a full stock-take of our seed stash and, well, we've got loads. It's amazing how many packets you can rack up without even really paying attention. As well as the few orders we've put in to various companies and the leftovers from last year, they tend to accumulate via being stuck to the front of gardening magazines, not to mention the odd donation.

This post is more for posterity than because I imagine that it will make for a flat-out riveting read (saying that, the internet can be a weird place; I daresay there are indeed whole subcultures devoted to sharing via p2p technology lists of seeds to read), but anyway: here is what - space, time and compost volumes allowing - we will be planting this year. Note my less than scientific attempt to categorize. Clearly taxonomy is not a huge strength...

Leafy Stuff

  • Lettuce Winter Density: The Organic Gardening Catalogue
  • Lettuce Little Gem: Mr Fothergill's
  • Lettuce Lobjoits Green Cos: DT Brown
  • Lettuce Salad Bowl: Kings Seeds
  • Rocket Astro: Johnsons Seeds
  • French Sorrel: Midland Seed Company
  • Chinese Mustard Green in Snow: The Organic Gardening Catalogue
  • Spinach Giant Winter: The Organic Gardening Catalogue
  • Chives: DT Brown
  • Oregano: DT Brown
  • Basil Sweet: DT Brown
  • Courgette Cavili F1 Hybrid: Thompson and Morgan
  • Courgette Defender F1 Hybrid: Thompson and Morgan
  • Courgette Soleil F1 Hybrid: Thompson and Morgan
  • Courgette Genoa FI: DT Brown
  • Courgette: Some French kind, no idea where they came from
  • Squash Butternut Harrier F1: Tuckers Seeds
  • Winter Squash Autumn Crown F1 Hybrid: Thompson and Morgan
  • Climbing Bean Blue Lake: Mr Fothergill's
  • Runner Bean Benchmaster: DT Brown
  • Pea Boogie: Thompson and Morgan
  • Beetroot F1 Alto: Suttons Seeds
  • Beetroot Boltardy: Tuckers Seeds
  • Beetroot Chioggia Barabietola: Tuckers Seeds
  • Carrot Early Nantes: Kings Seeds
  • Radish DT Brown's Summer Blend: DT Browns
  • Radish Black Spanish Round: Organic Gardening Catalogue
  • Radish TZ 8130 F1: DT Brown
  • Radish French Breakfast 3: Unwins
  • Kale Seaweed Kale: DT Brown
  • Kohl Rabi Purple Delicacy: Tuckers Seeds
  • Turnip Purple Top Milan: Tuckers Seeds
  • Cauliflower Romanesco: Johnsons
Polytunnel Stuff
  • Tomato Garden Pearl: DT Brown
  • Tomato Moneymaker: DT Brown
  • Tomato Black Cherry: Thompson and Morgan
  • Aubergine Calliope F1 Hybrid: Thompson and Morgan
  • Pepper Jalapeno Summer Heat F1 Hybrid: Thompson and Morgan
  • Pepper Golden Bell F1 Hybrid: Thompson and Morgan
  • Pepper Hungarian Hot Wax: DT Brown
Flowers and Other Stuff
  • Nasturtium Maharajah Mix: Unwins
  • Sweet Pea Giant Waved: Wilkos
  • Marigold Marionette Mix: Unwins
  • Samphire: DT Brown
  • Sweetcorn Earlibird F1: Tuckers Seeds
Strewth. That should certainly be enough to keep us going. We'll need to get busy sowing seeds this week I reckon, exciting times.

In addition to this little lot we've got a couple of kinds of spuds already chitting and I'll be buying at least a couple more; our Bunyards Exhibition Broad Beans are germinating as we speak, I want to buy some Chard seeds and we'll probably buy some small cabbage plants to bung straight in. No doubt we'll pick up a few extra bits and bobs as the whim takes us.

In footballing terms (how I regularly explain things to myself when other types of metaphors only serve to confuse) it's like that bit at the start of the season when you're full of hope. You've signed a few decent players, some of whom you have very high hopes for, unsullied by the realities of failure and underperformance yet to come, not to mention the dastardly deeds of cheating nefarious bastard opposition players (that would be slugs). 

Lots to look forward to; some cursing to be done, but no doubt enough minor triumphs to keep us entertained, and, perhaps even fed.


  1. That's a lot of courgettes. Must admit if the magazines are going to give away seeds I'd prefer them to be more adventurous and introduce us to growing different things. I've already bought the staples. Must admit we are going to cancel our subscriptions.

    BY the way I hope that the manager isn't sacked if the season doesn't turn out well.

  2. Tell me about it! We actually bought a set of unusual courgette seeds from T&M, then ended up receiving a bunch more on mag covers. We've just cancelled our subscription to Kitchen Garden. It's a good read, but there's not much in there that you can't find out on websites or blogs like yours! And agreed about the dud seed giveaways, some more interesting stuff might have kept us subscribing.

    I've always said managers need to be given at least three seasons to really settle in!

  3. Gees, you got a lot there to be going on with!
    I bought a year of Kitchen Garden and I keep them and refer back every month ;)

    1. Snap. I kind of presumed the advice on growing spuds etc wouldn't be wildly different from one year to the next!

  4. Thata a whole lot of growing your going to have going on...I have yet to sort through what I have though I do have my seed box sat waiting for the sort...where I am ashamed to admit it has been sat for four weeks now...really need to get into it!!

  5. Samphire, eh? That's an interesting one. Do you have to create a particularly sandy and/or salty environment for that to grow?

    1. Indeed! You've got to water the compost with a very dilute brine. I got the seeds as part of a sample, I forget who from. Will be great if we get some to germinate/ grow, will save trekking the Northumberland coast to find it!


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