Thursday, 4 June 2015

It's all going so bloody well...

The track up to our bit
The pessimist in me is waiting for something to go badly wrong with the plot; an outbreak of blight, bindweed or some other grim pestilence to befall us. But nothing has yet. In fact, since we've taken on this former pigeon loft, everything we've put into the ground has done perfectly well. Considering this was basically a rubbish dump only a few short months ago, I'm impressed. Impressed, surprised and delighted.

Putting down the final paths
Over the last few weeks we've completed some minor infrastructure work, putting down plastic and shingle to create the last of the paths between newly installed raised beds.

Some horrid stuff came out of here
Over the course of a couple of afternoons I dug over the last remaining patch in which I expect to find large amounts of glass, plastic and assorted weird and nasty rubbish. It's slow work, as you sieve through the topsoil using old shopping baskets, but, as with all the other patches, we've been left with the finest clay-free tilth you could imagine. It's so easy to work.

We've committed some more seeds and plants to the earth, some of which directly as here.

Borlotti in
Elsewhere, as with these borlotti beans, plants germinated on our window sill at home are rehoused where they'll spend the rest of their days.

Planting beans gives the chance to get some cane pyramids on the go, which adds a bit of height and interest to the plot.

Greyhound cabbage
Hearteningly, things we planted a few weeks back have settled in and are now putting on some proper new growth. I love it when a plant establishes itself and you know it's probably going to be fine.

So here's a bit of a view down the plot. Look, no weeds! I've said it before, but the smaller, and more enclosed plot that we have here compared to the previous one makes maintaining it a (relative) breeze.

And it's just such a goddamm nice place to be. You might not easily be able to discern from this pick, but let me assure you: this is about as happy as I get. Gorgeous sunshine, down the allotment, test match on the wireless and something decent to read. Bloody magic!


  1. I'm so jealous! I've had my allotment for 3 months I've so far failed one batch of tomatoes and cucumbers I'm overrun with weeds I think I broke my cabbages and the mares tail is killing me!! I needs buddy!

    1. Ah, mares tail is a bugger. You'll get there in the end though. Where 's your plot?

    2. I'm South if the tyne oh and the ants ladybugs and wood love that are taking over came as a shock

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers Sue, prepping some of the patches has been horrible, but the topsoil that's been left behind is amazingly light considering how much clay is in most allotments round here.

  3. All looking fabulous. I only have a tiny back yard, but I'm not entirely sure how the tomatoes will have fared since I've been away for 2 weeks!


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