Saturday, 21 May 2016

Super-fun allotment tour May 2016

Ahoy there! Partly to save me typing up a whole bunch of stuff and partly because it's about time, in 2016, that Patchy Growth went for full digital media integration, I took a quick video of our plot today. We spent four or so hours up there today and managed to get the place whipped pretty much into shape.

You know that thing where you feel happy to show people round your house when you've done the hoovering and tidied all your crap away? We were feeling pretty happy with how neat and weed-free things were looking, so I'm feeling sufficiently house-proud to give you this brief tour:

(In case you're looking at this on something that doesn't show the YouTube insert, the link is:

After having a large part of our first season on the plot dealing with the vast amount of detritus that needed clearing, it's great to be pretty where we'd like to be with planting this year. We're actually running out of space to plant stuff. Once that happens we can spend some time tidying up the bits that are still looking a little bit detritus-ridden. All in good time.


  1. Your video was great - much better at showing your plot than a load of words. Gave a real feel of things and showed how much work you have both put in. We still have a couple of pigeon men but nothing like when we first started on the plot. Don't you net your brassicas - if we didn't the wood pigeons would make short work of them?

    1. Thanks Sue! I'll maybe put some more Vida up.

      I can't believe we forgot to net the brassicas! Hopefully they're still there tonight!


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