Monday, 26 November 2012

Causing o' fence!

Our allotment's front door. No tipping, alright?
Not much going on in terms of gardening for us this weekend. We're waiting for onions and garlic to sprout, there's some tidying up to be getting on with, but not enough for it to seem worthwhile to go out and get wet and cold in weather like that which we've had this weekend. However, don't think for a minute that the allotment excitement stops with the gardening, no sir. Kasia took a wander down on Saturday and - drumroll - our new fence has started to go up!

This not seem like the most enthralling news in the world, but, well, it pretty much is. Our current wooden fence has, rotten and knackered (much like an out of breath politician) been teetering and leaning since some gusty wafts swept through Newcastle in September. We'd agreed with Tom, a neighbour on our allotments, that he'd sort us out with a new fence when he had some time, and that time is, apparently, now. Having seen his plot (including an amazing woodburning stove he built himself) I had every confidence Tom was liable to do a better job of putting up a fence than we were liable to in a million years. This confidence seems well founded.

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Oh yeah, it's fence time!
The fence is going to be a lot lower than its predecessor, which is all to the good as it's on the south side of our patch and so won't block out as much sun. It'll be a bit odd being able to see and be seen by everyone that walks past, but the foot traffic isn't exactly heavy and the extra exposure might spur us on to make the plot look nice; we certainly don't want people tut-tutting as they walk past!

It's times like this you have to pull yourself up, realise you've just written a post about a fence (haha!) and wonder; what have things come to? I'm pretty sure that a version of me from 5 years ago would be shaking his head in disbelief at the current incumbent. Ah well. Maybe fences are the new rock and roll/ black/ whatever. Embrace the fence. After all, without them what would happen? People wandering around in some grim boundaryless daze, unsure of where things start and where things end? Sounds awful. Fences for all, I say.

Finally, having walked past this weird thing at the allotment entrance for over a year, we found out what it is, or at least was. Answers on a post card...



  1. Congrats on the new fence - we're not allowed them on our site!

    1. Cheers Sue! Really looking forward to when it's finished. Going to make the place look a lot neater.

  2. Well I applaud you on your fence post!!! It is looking great.

    We have paths and bits of string bordering our plots but no fences. To border my two halves I have raspberry canes and grapevines....I don't mind not having fences as it means on those few days where we do get the sun shining in the dreary UK all of my veggies get to soak up every last ray!

    I think we would be allowed them though as I am sure I have seen a couple up around the site.

    As for the weird and wonderful structure...maybe it's a bomb shelter...a tardis.... a toilet....somewhere to put the children when they get too noisy.....Ok...I give up..please tell!!

    1. Ha, good guesses all. In matter of fact, it is the communications pod from an Army Tank, or so we were told! Quite why it came to live beside the entrance gate to Nunsmoor allotments,I have no idea!

  3. Is that the new fence? Well, it’s certainly looking swell! I like how it has that warm, brown color, and it’s definitely an improvement on the old wooden fence you had that had been rotten and broken down. Tom seems to be quite the handyman, if I may say so myself! Just a friendly tip: you may want to apply and reapply a coat of paint on your fence every once in a while to keep it from rotting. Do it more often if you live in a wet area.

    1. Cheers Christian, yes, it's a major improvement. Don't worry; we'll be breaking out the creosote at regular intervals!


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