Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A milestone of sorts

This weekend just gone we finally got to the stage where all parts of the allotment are either planted with something, or have been well dug over and are more or less sans weeds. It's only taken 15 months! Some people seem to come onto a plot and sort them out in a matter of weeks. Well, that was never going to be the case for us, but it feels good to look around and see everything being tidy and under control, if still a bit scruffy. The last patch to get dug over yielded some mega-dandelion roots.

I wasn't digging much due to the effects of having gotten into a state of moderate over-refreshment the previous evening. Instead I got on with some painting of our mini-greenhouse thing, although these pictures do give the (entirely false) impression that it was all Kasia's work here too. What can I tell you, I'm camera-shy...

Hopefully that should keep out the worst effects of the scurrilous North East winter. Elsewhere on the plot I transplanted some blackcurrant bushes and everything got a good watering in the late summer sun.

In actual food news, we're harvesting tons of sorrel, chard and lettuce resulting in some premium salad action, courgettes are still plentiful, the back shed is full of spuds and onions, sweetcorn and pumpkins are showing signs of ripening as are some of Toni's tomatoes. Thanks Toni, this particular specimen was delicious!

We're now looking forward to getting some overwintering onions and garlic in. We'll be going for a bit of variety this autumn I think to see what works best. Thompson and Morgan: wotcha got for us?


  1. Our tomatoes are ripening at long last!

    Don't want to put a dampener on but the trouble with weeds is that they keep coming up!

  2. Good bit of work done though. It is nice to see the ground and plot taking shape and some harvest too. Congrats !

  3. It is a great feeling when you finally get to a stage where you will be able to keep on top of everything...don't let this lull you into a false sense of security though...the hard work is still there and turns into a major project again if you relax a little too long.

    Glad your corn is ripening...with this new found sun I'm hoping mine will too. I have lots of allotment action planned myself this weekend so fingers crossed for the weather!!

    1. Thanks Tanya; after such a long, slow slog to get things knocked into shape, we've no intention of letting the weeds gain the upper hand again. That's what I'm saying now, anyway...


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