Friday, 28 September 2012

After the Deluge, part deux

It has been another week of treacherous weather in the North East. While floods in June and August came as a result of biblical, if brief, downpours, this time it was an unspectacularly relentless spell of precipitation over 48 hours that did the damage. You've got to feel for the poor folks of Morpeth, some of whom are flooded for the second time in four years. In Newcastle, things weren't quite so bad, although some fairly serious gusts on Monday resulted in the town being littered with the skeletal remains of discarded brollies that just weren't up to the job. 

Talking about not being up to the job, it looks like what's left of our fence has finally shrugged it's shoulders and given up.
The fence wasn't the only casualty of the gusts. Our sweetcorn was nearly all lying on it's side, so we staked it up. We've got some winter hardy lettuces and spinach ready to plant out, but the soil was just too claggy from the downpour; maybe later this week.

Angular Corn
In more positive news, the pumpkins continue to ripen, resulting in much pride from certain quarters

Here's hoping for some more clement weather for the weekend so we can get down to the plot and get a bit of work done.


  1. Glad your plot didn't suffer too much damage in the recent weather. Here's hoping for a nice weekend!!

    The pumpkins look great...always a welcome colour when the weather is so grey and miserable!

    1. They're lovely things just to have around the place! There's a highly rated Italian restaurant in Bermondsey called Zucca (Italian for pumpkin) which has a big one on a plinthe as a decoration. I can see why!

  2. We went along the A1M York way yesterday and the fields were flooded. We spoke to a farmer north of York who said he had lost £25,000 worth of potatoes.

    1. Hmm. While we all come on to various blogs and have a good whinge about the weather, it's good to be reminded that it isn't our livelihoods that are being shafted by the elements.


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